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Who We Serve


We deliver an integrated approach to help clients with at least $1 million in liquid assets accumulate, manage, protect, and share their wealth.

Switching from accumulation to the distribution phase of life is often scary. When can you truly afford to retire? What questions aren’t you asking? 
You must make many decisions when transitioning into retirement. A Social Security claiming strategy, an investment distribution strategy, possible long-term care and Medicare insurance purchase, even how you will use new found free time. With a comprehensive financial plan we can model and test your retirement plan, optimize your investment and tax strategies and answer the questions you have about whether your money will last as long as you expect to live.

Some accumulate far more than they will need for their lifetime. How you transfer that legacy to future generations or charities can make a huge impact on that transfer’s success. 
Estate planning goes well beyond the tax planning. Smart tax planning can yield significant benefits for you and your heirs, but how that gift impacts your family or a charity typically motivates clients’ planning even more. Making complex legal and tax decisions and melding those with family dynamics, personalities and long-term goals can require experienced advice. Our process identifies available strategies and the practical implications of those strategies.