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Common Questions

Q: Are you fiduciaries?
Yes. As Fee-Only fiduciaries, we have taken an oath to always act in the best interests of our clients. We aggressively avoid conflicts of interest to retain our impartiality, and always disclose any that arise. The only compensation we receive comes directly from clients (never investment companies or referrals).

Q: Are you compensated for selling specific products?
No. As Fee-Only advisors, we will never receive compensation when clients utilize particular investment or insurance solutions. This allows us to plan and make recommendations with a clear mind, since we’re only thinking of your best interests.

Q: Who is an ideal Ascend Financial client?
Our typical clients are grateful, generous people who want to have an impact on the world around them. Because of the extensive nature of our services, clients tend to have net worths of $1 million or above.

Q: Where do you serve clients?
Although the majority of our clients reside in Ohio, we serve families all over the country. With the ability to do meetings virtually via the web, we have clients from coast to coast.