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Strategic Biblical Charitable Giving

One of the key benefits of having a comprehensive and strategic financial plan is to be able to give generously.

Helping clients with their plans for giving has been a  focus of our services, and of a central foundation on which Ascend Financial was founded  Our clients experience the message of wisdom found in the biblical principle that guides us: Giving is key to becoming free from the power of money over our lives.
Generous giving needs a strategic plan, not just knowledge of the tax laws that govern “deductions.” With wise philanthropic counsel, your giving plan can help you:
  • Realize a deeper personal satisfaction from making a difference 
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the financial implications of giving 
  • Understand the strategies for giving assets in addition to giving cash 
  • Coordinate a giving strategy with your financial plan 
  • Feel confident that you are giving in a tax efficient manner 
  • Prioritize your passions and goals for philanthropy 
  • Most importantly, we can help you benefit from the freedom and personal joy that giving generously brings to bear on the giver.